Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shamrock Day

The day that the majority of the world wears green and takes time notice those that dare to be different and avoid the color. Or as some of my friends call it "The day we punish people for being different and not comforming to traditon". Either way you see it I like St. Patrick's Day, even though I do not know who he was? or what he did? .

I've worn green on this day since I can remember. Stores sell special shirts and buttons for the day that comes but once a year. Annually I go and spend money on them. Green Green green!!!!! Tradition..... Everybody wears green, kids make green play dough at school, everyone pinches those that forgot, and by the weekend you have all moved on and cant wait for summer.

On the other hand, some of my friends believe that its a day that we punish others for not comforming to tradition. Those that dont wear green get pinched.

1. Buy Green
2. Wear Green
3. Pinch those that forgot
4. Move onto summer

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