Tuesday, November 18, 2008

7 habits

The 7 habits has helped me. The RBA (relationship bank account) is my favorite! In the book, it says to tally up all the things that you do to people both good and bad. So you get to look at all the good qualities you have and the bad qualities you need to change. i learned that I am an ok friend at times, but i want to be a great friend. A friend that all people can come to for anything. My listening skills need to be worked on, and hopefully in time they will improve. Also, I need to work on being patient and waiting for things to happen instead of rushing results. It does not take a augurer to tell that the girl i once was is changing for the better. Broadly speaking, there will be a new me before the people of Batesville High.

Monday, November 10, 2008

7 Reasons

my favorite thing about the Book the 7 habits book is the personal bank account. Getting to sit down and get to know myself really helped me. I got to know myself and realize what i want and dont want out of high school. im' young and i ve got a lot of promise. fun crazy cool and supercali are words that discribe me and i know i'm great. the book at first was wierd but im glad i read the book.