Friday, October 17, 2008

Intro to my Sci-fi character

My characters name is Kaybrien Gail. She is a teenager from the future. kaybrien was born a normal earth girl, but on her tenth birthday she recieved special super powers. her mother Bridgette does not support Kaybrien and wishes that kaybrien did not have powers. Kaybrien's pawpaw (grandpa) is happy that his granddaughter has powers. he trains her and loves her unconditionally. Kaybrien goes to school and hangs with her friends. life is normal for kaybrien until nightfall. at night kaybrien is a super hero. she saves all sorts of people from all sorts of distress. her powers are not yet fully developed yet. with the love and support from kaybrien's pawpaw and friends there is no end to what she can do.

Sci Fi

Science fiction was never a genre I read. science is the study of why things happen around you and fiction means fake. So i guess science fiction makes fake science. i never read books like that. In school we started reading the book the Invisible Man, it is very interesting . that is the first book from the genre i have ever read and i want to read more from the genre. science fiction is a genre that made me think about something other than the words on the page. like what would i do if i waws invisible or if i was all alone. sci-fi is alright with me.