Thursday, May 28, 2009

Their eyes were watching god

Zora Neale Horston's short story teaches people that you dont always get what you see. People may look all dignified but really deep on the inside they may as wild and rugged as a bucking bronco. You have to accept them for the way they are even if they dont do everything you approve of. People are going to follow their hearts regardless of what the town is going to say. Like Janice and Tea Cake, even though people talked about them like they were crazy, they still went off and enjoyed their new life together. Janice was always known as Mrs. Mayor Starks but really she was a free spirit that needed to be let go. Noisy people of the town were not going to hold her back from her real love that she had found with tea Cake.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My poem

so much depends
upon a girl voiceful and chocalate
so bold yet small
standing on a stage all alone

My fav techie tool

im not really big on techie tools. i never had to use them until my 10th grade year, the class was pre-ap english 10 and there was so much to do in the class that work piled up. i had to find a way to get all the papers and such done. My teacher told the class we had to make gmail accounts and i had no idea what she was talking about. so after a few classes i got an account, then i learned that gmail is really cool and dependable. i can get my work done online and e-mail the assignment to my teacher. Check turned in on time..... saves me work to repeat if lost and saves lots of money on paper. Gmail is okay in my book thats why i choose gmail as my favorite techie tool. gmail has allowed me to access so much imformation on the web and at school. the work i do at school and do not complete, gmail allows me to finish at home. I had no idea gmail even was availible til this year and now i get on the gmail every week. Gmail allows me to: have web pages, have blogs, send messages, hold messages, and even save files. gmail is my most used techie tool because the gmail server is user friendly. i suggest that if you are having problems and searching for a way out like i was get a gmail account.

That's just school uses you can also chat on up with your friends and family too. Not like facebook and myspace but any connection with the world is better than none.

the giver

Lois lowry's The Giver is novel of many lesson the most important being : Never Take Memory for granted! the main character Jonas is a overacheiver/ normal boy. He live in a land were Sameness is the name of the game. Climate is controlled, genes are controlled, peoople are controlled, including the choices that are allowed to be made are all controlled by councilmen.

Memory is forgotten and no one knows of life from the past. The Giver is the holder of memory and wisdom, he is responsible for the fate of the community, and he helps Jonas learn that life can be so much more meaningful than he knows. Can you imagine holding so much knowledge and not being able to share the gift with anyone not even your closet friends and family? Holding pain in and not being able to medicate yourself? Jonas did everyday. He felt the community's pain because the people were to selfish to deal with the truth of life.

After many memories were transfered to Jonas the Giver helps Jonas to escape and free the memories to the world. People would be forced to deal with the truth and deal with choices thay gave up long ago. Hopefully the people would the powerful lesson: NEVER TAKE MEMORY FOR GRANTED!!! A long journey lays ahead for dear Jonas but the gift he has given the community will forever be remembered.

With only a bicycle and his little buddy, Jonas must treck to new lands. The ending of the novel is not clear, but if you choose to believe, Jonas has made his way to better times and new memmories of his own.