Thursday, April 8, 2010

Non Verbal Communication......

He silently stares at his deskmate while pulling out materials showing that he is prepared for class. He reads the paper and his face says that he is nervous and does not know the exam answers. So he quietly fiddles with his pen and looks off of his neighbors paper. His neighbor had the wrong answer so he tries to distract the class while throwing away the wrong paper. In another attempt to cheat he silently scoots next to his neighbor. The neighbor places a sheet of paper and his arm btw the two. He silently tries to cheat. Sliding under the table to peek at his neighbors paper busted.. and blames it on his pen dropping. He is mad because he could have answered the white calculus paper and angrily hurries to finish. No time is left so he sneaks in a few last notes. In a hurried manner he drives to the beach. At the beach he is about to change and catches a man watching him so he puts the bathing suit in his pocket nervously. And slides the swimsuit on over his pants to change discreetly. Epic Fail. The watching man again watches him change. He tries again to play it off as if he is doing jumping jacks. Finally the bathing suit is on! The watching man gets up and he is blind. The whole time the efforts to be discreet were wasted. He drives to a church. He does not understand the churches language so he looks confused and bored. An aggressive sneeze attracts unpolite attention from his neighbor. So he discreetly tries to blow his nose in his pocket linning. Nasty! His neighbor looks discusted. He is falling asleep during the sermon and jumps to wake himself! Again asleep... Falling on his neighbor.. on the floor...on his head... and wakes to jolt himself he chokes his neighbor. Atracting attention while opening candy. He slaps his neighbor trying to get his hand out of his pocket. The neighbor refuses to share his hymn book so he sings off and sticks out. His candy was falling so his neighbor thought he was playing with himself, so he slowly picked up the candy, and forgot that his pocket was full of snot so he places his hand in it and was discutted.

He watches a man play music on a saxaphone, ripping off the man he starts dancing and a lady gives him money. He looks admiringly at a credit card. He hacks and cough while walking through the perfume sections of a store covering his mouth and fanning. Opens a toothbrush and uses it then places it back and grabs another... feeling on fluffy towels pretending to be wraped in a towel and accidently dropping it.. on the escalator. Grabs a potato peeler and pulls a potato out of his pocket. Gets a pan and pulls a fish out of his pocket to sizes up the pans. Practicing on telephones. Showing off his credit card in line then reaches in another man's pocket getting his hand stuck and getting himself stuck inside the stall with the man. Sitting in a restaurant writing himself a card. Making sure he has enough money to order his food. He left the hanger on his suit. Saying no to more wine because he is driving. Starts playing songs with his knife. Now playing with his napkin. Recieves a rare peice of meat and lies about being satisfied, so he covers his eyes while eating, and plaves the meat wherever he can hide it; in the centerpeice, under plates, in his bread, in cups. A violinist plays happy birthday for him and adds agony to him eating his rare meat. So a waitor falls dropping on him and he blames his gross meal on the waitor. The manager gives him the same uncooked meat that he didnt like. Practicing his handshake while everyone else patiently waits in line, scratches his legs, and almost passed out from his breath; so he uses a lot of breath freshener. Pulls a string off of the maid and her dress falls a little, then he uses the string for floss and gives it back to the maid, then he returns to practicing his greeting. In attempt to get a napkin out of a man's pocket he gets caught and starts dusting the magn off. He left his pants unzipped and cant get them up before the queen comes. Frantically he gets them up and accidently head bumps the queen, She falls to the ground and people rush to her side, and he leaves without being noticed.

He drove to far away from the button so he uses a cane to push it. He is at a pool; about to ride down a kiddie slide when the lifeguard blows the whistle. He climbs the high dive and gets scared at the top, two boys see him and stare at him as he fearfully attempts to jump, the boys make him fall into the water. His shorts come off and he doggy paddles to them and a girl grabs them when the life guard calls everyone out of the pool. He tries to run but gets caught by the girls swim team. He tries to get a no exit bar to raise, another car comes so the process starts again, only he speed races another car out, flipping the other car over. Sitting on a bench during lunch staring down another man's sandwich and taking sisscors to his loaf of bread. pulling out a bar of butter, with his credit card he spreads the butter as the man on the bench watches in curiousity. Then Mr. Bean pulls out a jar of fish to put on the nasty sandwhich he is making on the bench with the other man still watching. Bean crushes pepper seeds and add then pulls out tea bags, with the tea being brewed in a hot pack with the addition of baby milk he sneezes and the meal is gone. So the man he is sharing the bench with offers his othe sandwich half.

At the movies.... Large popcorn. After taking some of his neighbors popcorn he refuses to share his. And starts playing in the theater. Gets freightened by the movie in the first half and screams, covers his eyes, and makes cooing noises. Making his neighbor anxious. He tries to flee but cant. His neighbor screams and Bean jumps. The movie ends and he begins playing with his shirt again. He turns to face his neighbor and she screams causing Bean to scream.

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