Friday, April 23, 2010

Out of class read

I just read Richard Peck's The Teacher's Funeral ( A Comedy in Three Parts). This comedy is about a back woods group of boys enjoying their summer before schools starts.

In Hominy Ridge, life is fairly modest and simple. Farms and dirt roads are everywhere. At the school, Mrs. Myrt Arbuckle has died so the main character Russel and his schoolmates are over joyed that the mean teacher is gone. Thinking that they will get out of lessons and public spankings, they enjoy their summer to the fullest.

An auto show, good meals from his sister, and the end of the summer camping trip fill up Russel's summer.

When school is not cancelled, a new teacher moves to town and gives Russel a run for his money. She makes Russel and the boys learn!

Inspite of many trials and bumps in the road the new teacher keeps the school in check and gets the boys on a new and improved road.

The book is filled with laughs due to the country accents, southern ways , and country traditions.
If you like baths in horse troughs, walking barefoot, the weather being so hot that the horse theif ask for a blanket when he went to hell, you ll love this book.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

2b Video on Theator

Tevye is an older man, he is a hard working jew, that is talking to the audience on tradition, and how important tradition is to the people around him. He lists the people of the village. The daughter freits about finding a husband to her mother and the mother warns her that a husband is not somthing to want but something to get. Yente comes over with news. The butcher Lazar wants to marry a daughter. The daughters are worried about the matches that yente will bring them because they could get stuck with them forever. Tevye sings if i were a rich man(gwen stefani's rich girl), wondering what would be so wrong with him having a small fortune. Perchik is going to stay with Tevye and his family tutoring the girls in exchange for food. Motle and the oldest daughter want to get married. They are celebrating the Sabbath. After the Sabbath he visits the butcher and shares some drinks, while getting confused about the butcher's intentions of marrying Tevye's oldest daughter. Tevye has agreed to allow the marriage. Hodel and Perchik danced and broke tradition. Tzeitel anounces that she does not wish to marry the butcher, and Tevye and Motel talk about another marriage. Motel tells Tevye that even a poor tailor deserves some happines. Tevye thinks alone to the audience about the offer and shouts Tradtion, but allows Tzeitel to marry Motel.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My life in the 20's!

The 20's, The Roaring Twenties, a time for dreams to come true, people were moving to the big cities and trying new things. Harlem was jumping and singers and artists were making themselves known. There are good and bad things to the 20's. I would like to be in the 20's as a singer something like Billy Holiday without the pain and the the drugs. Speakeasies would be filled with my voice. Soulful melodies of days past would warm the hearts of a colorful crowd.

I would love to watch the Great Migration and The Harlem Renaissance. People like Langston Hughes and Duke Ellington walking the streets, would be amazing.

Id make a name for myself among the greats. My name would be in the lights of clubs all over the world just like Josephine Baker's.

Although the Roaring Twenties had many great attributes the bad cannot be forgotten. Life was dangerous with organized crime on the rise. People were killed for telling the truth to put criminals away, and that is not the place for me. The St. Valentines Massacre was brutal and scary! Racsim in the South was still horrible, and the KKK was at its peak.

The 20's were a revolutionary time but Im going to stay in the present.

Pom Night

Prom Night is soon! Everybody is making last minute plans and adjustments. This will be my first prom although I have attended many. I expect my hair to get done along with my nails, and people to be rushing all day long. Screaming and crying because they re behind plan. Moms will cook meals for their little prom attenders, just as my mom has planned to cook for me and my date.
Girls will nervously put on their dresses trying ever so hard not to mess up their hair. Boys will be calm because they know they really have nothing to do beside get their cloths on, be polite to her parents, and be the safest drivers in the world. When the guys arrives pictures will start and tears will be shed.
They re off! The school cafeteria will start filling up and people will start greeting their friends. Dancing is what everyone tries to avoid in the start, but the school pep manager will fire up the crowd. Hours of dancing and laughing, people will start to sweat with joy, until finally the dance will end.
Everyone will get in their cars and head home.
I expect Friday to be a day to remember whether you re going to prom or not. For those not going, you should get a good laugh at the frantic faces of those going and trying to get ready.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Non Verbal Communication......

He silently stares at his deskmate while pulling out materials showing that he is prepared for class. He reads the paper and his face says that he is nervous and does not know the exam answers. So he quietly fiddles with his pen and looks off of his neighbors paper. His neighbor had the wrong answer so he tries to distract the class while throwing away the wrong paper. In another attempt to cheat he silently scoots next to his neighbor. The neighbor places a sheet of paper and his arm btw the two. He silently tries to cheat. Sliding under the table to peek at his neighbors paper busted.. and blames it on his pen dropping. He is mad because he could have answered the white calculus paper and angrily hurries to finish. No time is left so he sneaks in a few last notes. In a hurried manner he drives to the beach. At the beach he is about to change and catches a man watching him so he puts the bathing suit in his pocket nervously. And slides the swimsuit on over his pants to change discreetly. Epic Fail. The watching man again watches him change. He tries again to play it off as if he is doing jumping jacks. Finally the bathing suit is on! The watching man gets up and he is blind. The whole time the efforts to be discreet were wasted. He drives to a church. He does not understand the churches language so he looks confused and bored. An aggressive sneeze attracts unpolite attention from his neighbor. So he discreetly tries to blow his nose in his pocket linning. Nasty! His neighbor looks discusted. He is falling asleep during the sermon and jumps to wake himself! Again asleep... Falling on his neighbor.. on the floor...on his head... and wakes to jolt himself he chokes his neighbor. Atracting attention while opening candy. He slaps his neighbor trying to get his hand out of his pocket. The neighbor refuses to share his hymn book so he sings off and sticks out. His candy was falling so his neighbor thought he was playing with himself, so he slowly picked up the candy, and forgot that his pocket was full of snot so he places his hand in it and was discutted.

He watches a man play music on a saxaphone, ripping off the man he starts dancing and a lady gives him money. He looks admiringly at a credit card. He hacks and cough while walking through the perfume sections of a store covering his mouth and fanning. Opens a toothbrush and uses it then places it back and grabs another... feeling on fluffy towels pretending to be wraped in a towel and accidently dropping it.. on the escalator. Grabs a potato peeler and pulls a potato out of his pocket. Gets a pan and pulls a fish out of his pocket to sizes up the pans. Practicing on telephones. Showing off his credit card in line then reaches in another man's pocket getting his hand stuck and getting himself stuck inside the stall with the man. Sitting in a restaurant writing himself a card. Making sure he has enough money to order his food. He left the hanger on his suit. Saying no to more wine because he is driving. Starts playing songs with his knife. Now playing with his napkin. Recieves a rare peice of meat and lies about being satisfied, so he covers his eyes while eating, and plaves the meat wherever he can hide it; in the centerpeice, under plates, in his bread, in cups. A violinist plays happy birthday for him and adds agony to him eating his rare meat. So a waitor falls dropping on him and he blames his gross meal on the waitor. The manager gives him the same uncooked meat that he didnt like. Practicing his handshake while everyone else patiently waits in line, scratches his legs, and almost passed out from his breath; so he uses a lot of breath freshener. Pulls a string off of the maid and her dress falls a little, then he uses the string for floss and gives it back to the maid, then he returns to practicing his greeting. In attempt to get a napkin out of a man's pocket he gets caught and starts dusting the magn off. He left his pants unzipped and cant get them up before the queen comes. Frantically he gets them up and accidently head bumps the queen, She falls to the ground and people rush to her side, and he leaves without being noticed.

He drove to far away from the button so he uses a cane to push it. He is at a pool; about to ride down a kiddie slide when the lifeguard blows the whistle. He climbs the high dive and gets scared at the top, two boys see him and stare at him as he fearfully attempts to jump, the boys make him fall into the water. His shorts come off and he doggy paddles to them and a girl grabs them when the life guard calls everyone out of the pool. He tries to run but gets caught by the girls swim team. He tries to get a no exit bar to raise, another car comes so the process starts again, only he speed races another car out, flipping the other car over. Sitting on a bench during lunch staring down another man's sandwich and taking sisscors to his loaf of bread. pulling out a bar of butter, with his credit card he spreads the butter as the man on the bench watches in curiousity. Then Mr. Bean pulls out a jar of fish to put on the nasty sandwhich he is making on the bench with the other man still watching. Bean crushes pepper seeds and add then pulls out tea bags, with the tea being brewed in a hot pack with the addition of baby milk he sneezes and the meal is gone. So the man he is sharing the bench with offers his othe sandwich half.

At the movies.... Large popcorn. After taking some of his neighbors popcorn he refuses to share his. And starts playing in the theater. Gets freightened by the movie in the first half and screams, covers his eyes, and makes cooing noises. Making his neighbor anxious. He tries to flee but cant. His neighbor screams and Bean jumps. The movie ends and he begins playing with his shirt again. He turns to face his neighbor and she screams causing Bean to scream.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shamrock Day

The day that the majority of the world wears green and takes time notice those that dare to be different and avoid the color. Or as some of my friends call it "The day we punish people for being different and not comforming to traditon". Either way you see it I like St. Patrick's Day, even though I do not know who he was? or what he did? .

I've worn green on this day since I can remember. Stores sell special shirts and buttons for the day that comes but once a year. Annually I go and spend money on them. Green Green green!!!!! Tradition..... Everybody wears green, kids make green play dough at school, everyone pinches those that forgot, and by the weekend you have all moved on and cant wait for summer.

On the other hand, some of my friends believe that its a day that we punish others for not comforming to tradition. Those that dont wear green get pinched.

1. Buy Green
2. Wear Green
3. Pinch those that forgot
4. Move onto summer