Saturday, January 17, 2009

Art of persuasion

when i was younger i learned that i was going to get in trouble a lot so i had to become a master in the art of persuasion. one incedent that really tested my skills occured when i was about 8. my mom told me to watch after my sister while she walked to my grandma's house. i didnt want to so i went outside and played with my friends. after about 30 minutes mom came back and was not happy. the look on her face let me know i was in trouble. i begged for one chance to explain. i put on crocidile tears and told her that my school teacher told me to ealk away when people bothered me to avoid getting in trouble. i explained how my sister had annoyed me til i could not ake anymore so i went outside to relax. luckily for me she believed my little tears. i got off! i was so relieved. just as haemon tried to persuade his father to save antigone from a horrible death, i was succesful.

Taking a stand

taking a stand is a big theme in the book Antigone. Antigone is a book about a girl who takes a stand against a strong powerful leader, and then suffurs the consequences. taking a stand is important. you must take a stand for what you believe in even if you are all alone. once i had to take a stand against one of my family members. yes it was very hard and i felt remorse but they were wrong and needed to know how i felt. i boldly made my point and then left the subject alone. i stood up by myself but i did not care. i feel there are two paths right and wrong and if you watch people do wrong then you are just as wrong as they are. Antigone teaches people that the right path is not always the easy path but if you believe in the path you must stand up for the path.

the year is half over

i have been a sophmore for 1 whole semester. the year is going by so fast, and now another semester is starting. i feel like time is flying by me and i need to focus on my school work and set goals for myself. before i know it i will be a senior! 10th grade is for learning and so far i ve learned that life goes by fast and you have to buckle down and open yours books to get ahead. class may be hard but we the students have a duty to get the work done. we don't have that long until we graduate and after high school the real world will not be as nice as batesville has been. so as of the end of my first semester i am going to buckle down and give 110 percent in school.