Thursday, April 22, 2010

2b Video on Theator

Tevye is an older man, he is a hard working jew, that is talking to the audience on tradition, and how important tradition is to the people around him. He lists the people of the village. The daughter freits about finding a husband to her mother and the mother warns her that a husband is not somthing to want but something to get. Yente comes over with news. The butcher Lazar wants to marry a daughter. The daughters are worried about the matches that yente will bring them because they could get stuck with them forever. Tevye sings if i were a rich man(gwen stefani's rich girl), wondering what would be so wrong with him having a small fortune. Perchik is going to stay with Tevye and his family tutoring the girls in exchange for food. Motle and the oldest daughter want to get married. They are celebrating the Sabbath. After the Sabbath he visits the butcher and shares some drinks, while getting confused about the butcher's intentions of marrying Tevye's oldest daughter. Tevye has agreed to allow the marriage. Hodel and Perchik danced and broke tradition. Tzeitel anounces that she does not wish to marry the butcher, and Tevye and Motel talk about another marriage. Motel tells Tevye that even a poor tailor deserves some happines. Tevye thinks alone to the audience about the offer and shouts Tradtion, but allows Tzeitel to marry Motel.

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