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Exert from anthem Essay

I recently finished the novel Anthem and entered an essay contest, and here is some of the work i entered:
Life is a precious gift to receive. “Learn like you are going to live forever, live like you are going to die tomorrow” were the words Gandhi lived by. Equality 7-2521 states that there are very few men that reach the age of 45 in the world he lives in they never got to live like there is no tomorrow. Men in that world more than likely don’t live to be 45 because of poor health conditions, lack of hope, and horrible self conditions.

In the beginning, the novel talks about the boys learned to bleed people to cure them of illness. Obviously medical technology was not up to par. If people get bled for every little illness people are going to be sickly all the time, bodies will not be strong enough to fight off ailments, and eventually people are going to die. Because the diseases are not going to be cured, viruses are going to spread like wild fires, and bacteria are going to infect people with no hesitation, civilization is going to be an ecological plague. There will be no chance to fend off foreign infectious DNA. People are going to die because there is no medical assistance to help cure them. Ailments that we of 2009 take for granted are going to wipe out people of Equality’s time. Babies would be at high risk due to no prenatal care and if by some leap of chance they survive birth will not adequately be taken care of, thus resulting in death. What happens when the bodies are no longer living? Nothing was said about proper burials of cremation processes. Dead bodies carry nasty and potentially deadly germs. Germs that could be engulfed into the human body and cause severe damage to the immune system, could be spread around like a sneeze. No one has a chance to make the age of 45 with the little health care citizens were provided.

In the end, Equality and the men of his time were rare to live to the age of 45, because of poor health conditions, lack of hope, and horrible self conditions. People had no fear of death and more than likely viewed death as an escape from the horrors of life. Can you imagine living in a world were no one cared if you were here tomorrow are not? These men did! No one wants to live like they did, and have to bear the burdens of life like a statue. Death comes to everyone but the life they lived sped up the process.

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lyrical freedom

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lyrical freedom

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If the ones you love are the ones that hurt you the most are the ones that hurt you the ones you love?

I was always told "The ones you love hurt you the most" and never understood why someone you loved could hurt you more than someone you dont love. Time went by and I got older and wiser, and one day I found the meaning of that phrase. My beloved father was no longer there and the man i loved most in the world hurt me more than anyone could imagine. Never had i felt a pain so real and so intense. The feeling felt as if I had nothing to look forward to as if the word literally came down on me. WHY? HOW? ??? I just could not understand how someone that knew so much about me and someone that promised to never hurt me could hurt me so badly? People told me time heals everything but I'm still waiting for the cure to come my way. Yes, i have forgiven him and I have made peace with the whole situation, but i still cant fathom why he left. Now that Im older and people come in go through my life I tend to hold on to a few. I hold onto the special people that make me smile. Now, Im watchful of the fairweather people and the down for life people. The ones I love, I try to make every effort I can to keep them around, but i cant do everything by myself love takes two to tango.
On this lesson, Im still learning and living life like a normal teen.

Daddy Was The Black Dahlia Killer

Janice Knowlton's Daddy Was The Black Dahlia Killer is a thrilling spine chilling epic. One of the most enduringly fascinating crimes of American history.
The fact that the book is real and in such great detail, grabs the reader and holds on tight. The text tells if a monstrous murderer. On January 15, 1947, walker made a gruesome find in a lot of Los Angeles: the body of Elizabeth Short, a mediocre Hollywood actress was naked, cut into two, and babaricly mutilated. The demise of Short jump started a man hunt, people went crazy and the press even nick-named the murdered girl the Black Dahlia. How amazing the crime was for me when I realized the crime went on unsolved for almost half a century until here recently?
The chiling truth shall set you free. When the murders' daughter shared her repressed memories of her father's murders. By the age of ten Janice (the daughter) had many repressed memories of her father killing people in their california home. The Black Dahlia was not the first and cetainly not the last of her sightings.
How can someone let so much time go by without saying anything to anyone? Counselors took over four decades to put the traumaized girl together to get the memories to surface. No wonder she could not speak. The girl watched her father commit over nine sadistic murders including the murder of her very own infant son, a child of incest. Using a huge array of items, Janice exposed her father to the LA police.What's wrong with the father? The Dahlia Killer's crime spread from rape to murder for over thirty years.
Janice Knowlton took bravery and courage to tell the story of her evil father in this gut wrenching novel of America's most notorious serial murderer. If CSI and NYPD Blue dont quite cut the cheese for you i recommend reading this three hundred and sixty three page novel.


Sarah Davidson's novel Cowboy is 300 pages of gritty love. Inspiring without being mushy, Cowboy is one of the most unique rides you will go on.
An older professional woman, an well educated woman who writes books and screenplays moves to the country acres of Arizona. Love comes in unlikely places is proven when she meets a younger man that make bridles. The two magnets meet and fall head over heels. How low will you stoop for love? How coud a educated success fall into a fling with an uneducated bridle maker?
Does your career determine your love interest? In this case yes, for a whie the stature of the two does affect their love. Both think the fling will end soon or at least wont last long, but cupid has another thing coming for the both of them. The fling last longer than the both of them could have expected.
This novel is a page turner, you will be glued to your seat and your eyes will becolme stuck to the pages. Never will you want to sat the book down.

The Cheetah Girls

Deborah Gregory's Cheetah Girs series is a diva packed blast. The series tells the story of how five girls follow their dream of being famed singers and start a pop group. Book number one is Wishing on a Star.
Galleria, Chanel, Dorinda, Anginette, and Aquanette are the founders of the group and are all best friends. They work together to get a mega recording deal and those mega bucks. Everyday they hang out like regular kids, practice their songs, and enjoy their families. Cheetahs prove that fame does not mean you have to change yourself.
The girls go through many problems along the road of preparation. High school days give the girls time to get their priorities together. This is a book of divas and stars.

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Ayn Rand's Anthem is a novel of the hopes and dreams of tommorrow. The novel has many ways to approach the text from sci-fi to christian, but the true meaning is clear no matter how you approached the text. Hope is eternal, no matter how bad the times may get, hope will always find a way to survive.

Equality 7-2521(the main character) is different from everyone in the world around him and at first he fights his individuality and tries to be like everyone else. Everyone incuding teachers know that he is not fooling anybody. Individualism is not permitted in this Distopic/utopia, the law monitors everyone and everything that goes on. In reading Equality's journey you learn that being in a group all the time is not good. Having no voice in life is no way to live. Even if you are going to be called evil of damned for being unique then take all the names people through at you.

Another lesson be learned is, how far will you go for love. In the world Equality lived in nobody was alowed to love. Men over the age of 21 and women at and over the age of 18 go to the City Palace of Mating every spring and babies are born every winter. Women and Men never know their children and never get to wonder where there children are? The males of the time have never seen pregnant women ever!!! Love was a word that meant "the emotion you share for your fellow brothers, and no you can not love one person more than your brothers". Equality althrough out the novel took the law into his own hands, so when he saw Liberty he fell in love fast. Everyday he woud go to her job and watch her. They made eye contact and even gave each other new names. Their love was eternal and illegal. Time flew and they when they ran away together, they both agreed their love would get them through any trials that would come.

In the end, I recommend reading the novel and not taking the life we as people from the present are previledged enough to live for granted.

Call of the Wild

The novel Call of the Wild is a timeless classic. Call of the Wild touches many topics but the most stricking is related to Charles Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest.
Charles Darwin, a world reknown scientist developed the theory of survival of the fittest, which stated the strongest or most suited organism survives in the environment while the weak shall perish away. Organism may adapt to new conditions although not all organisms do. In the novel Buck a huge race dog most become well duited to his new life of racing. Just like the theory states Buck survived because he adapted to the cold wilderness environment.
Although surviving in the wilderness may have saved buck's life the massive dog was no where near eady to live in every day society by the end of the novel. The wild wolf ancestors of Buck's had taken over and he was not adiquit for being around humans like in the beginning of the novel. Does surviving come with a cost? In order to survive in rough situations do you have to give up all of your home training? Buck did, and had to pay the price of losing the life he had become so acostume to.Buck went through many hard tests and tried to stay true to himself as much as could. But the great dog could only bear so much of the burden. Buch had to endure horrible weather, brutal beatings, and creul dogs. When conditions get just right the urge takes over and your body goes into survival auto pilot.
If Buck was loved so much by the family he had grown with, why did no one come looking for him. The novel mentioned nothing about lost posters,search teams, or even someone establishing that he was missing. If my beloved dog was missing I take a stand and go to the edge of the world and back to fing him. For a dog that has been in the family for so long they really did not seem to heart broken to see him go. Why was that I wonder?
In the end, surviving takes a toll on you, you must decide if getting through another day is worth throwing away a whole lifetime of work or even if the situation is worth trying to survive.

To Perfect My World

The definition of Utopia is a perfect world for all of mankind. In my own unique Utopia there would be diversity, emotion, and freedom. My word would be vperfect in all the chaos of life.

Being an individual is vital to the world,for without individuals nothing could be accomplished. People that are content with being ther own man come up with ideas and trends of the future. Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity while paying in a storm, people of the time probably thought he was crazy, but his adventurous thrill for knowledge allowed him to discover electricity. Individuals are the future and woud most definately be included in my utopia.

Next in importance to diversity, emotions keep my imaginary utopia functional. Love, hate, lust, sadness, anger, and everything else the mind and heart ccan ponder are free to be felt in my world. Nobody has to monitor their feelings and thoughts, and everyone is free to as angry of happy as their hearts desire. Many mistakes can be made from some of these emotions but most of the mistakes are worth making. how can amyone enjoy living in a world like the one in Ayn Rand's Anthem? The law calls you evil if you have emotions for yourself!! Not ever in my world would someone be able to say that their emotions got them refered to as evil without just cause. Emotions are highly valued in my utopia.

Last but certainly not least is FREEDOM, the virtue of all of mankind. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of life itself are all offered in my world. People wont live like mummies going from day to day without any say in their lives. There is no fear of the law enforcement deciding your every move. Every indivdual is free and able to achieve their pursuit of happiness what ever that may be. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said, "Letb Freedom Ring" and i shall let freedom ring from nation to nation in my world. In this amazing world of mine people can express there true selves and have no shame in being thereselves. If you are punk rock you are allowed to have a mowhawk and funk colored attire, even if you change your style everyday, you are free too. Amazing advancements would be made with the free people of my utopia.
In the end, no world that is filled with control 365 is worth living in. Citizens need diversity, emotions, and freedom to truely live in utopia. People have to have hope for the future and diversity, emotions, and freedom give way to that hope. My utopia is perfect in all the chaos and trials and tribulations that come with living in a perfect world.