Friday, February 13, 2009

Antigone Review

Sophocles' Antigone is an exeptional novel that shows people how taking a stand can alter life. I personally loved the novel and the major pionts hidden within the writting.
The main character Antigone, a young girl with a goal takes a stand for her beloved brother. Against all odds she does what she believes in no matter the consequences. Antigone gives proof that love conquers all. The headstrong girl fights authority and and buries her brother. A tragic hero Haemon portrays love by defying his father and comitting suicide for the love of his life. This novel raised questions to me like: what would one do for love?, How far would you go to save the love of your life?, and Is love as strong as Antigone and Haemon made the emotion out to be?.
Love is not the only important subject in the novel. Pride is not always the way to go. Pride ruined many lives in the novel. The major tragic hero Creon, pride filled and stubborn distroyed his whole life. Pride is an important part of life, but too much pride can kill. Creon killed Antigone and his son with his king size pride. Reading the book i wondered how could a father be so blinded to the fact that his own son was trying to persuade him to save his loved fiance? Or how could a man/leader of a city be so high and mighty that he can tell a sister that she can bury one brother but has to disown the other? I mean a good leader should not force a citizen to do a task he himself would not perform. In retrospect Creon could be considered a corrupt leader in a sense. He thought of his position before he thought or even felt a ounce of humility towards others. Pride can people everything.
What would family do for family? Not only did our Tragic hero lose his son he lost his whole family yoo. Antigone was Creon's neice along with being his soon to be daughter in law. How a true man could kil his neice is beyound my mental compacity. But even so, Creon should have known that the true love Haemon had for Antigone was not going to permit him to let her go without a hard core fight. In haemon's case he fought and gave up his life. Creon should have just admitted to being wrong and spared Antigone's life, therefore saving Haemon and allowing Creon to not lose another son.
This novel is full of minor tragic heros but the greatest of all is Creon, the pride filled father. I recommend reading the novel, because it teaches so many lessons and makes the reader think twice before letting pride get the best of themselves.