Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pom Night

Prom Night is soon! Everybody is making last minute plans and adjustments. This will be my first prom although I have attended many. I expect my hair to get done along with my nails, and people to be rushing all day long. Screaming and crying because they re behind plan. Moms will cook meals for their little prom attenders, just as my mom has planned to cook for me and my date.
Girls will nervously put on their dresses trying ever so hard not to mess up their hair. Boys will be calm because they know they really have nothing to do beside get their cloths on, be polite to her parents, and be the safest drivers in the world. When the guys arrives pictures will start and tears will be shed.
They re off! The school cafeteria will start filling up and people will start greeting their friends. Dancing is what everyone tries to avoid in the start, but the school pep manager will fire up the crowd. Hours of dancing and laughing, people will start to sweat with joy, until finally the dance will end.
Everyone will get in their cars and head home.
I expect Friday to be a day to remember whether you re going to prom or not. For those not going, you should get a good laugh at the frantic faces of those going and trying to get ready.

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