Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Perfect My World

The definition of Utopia is a perfect world for all of mankind. In my own unique Utopia there would be diversity, emotion, and freedom. My word would be vperfect in all the chaos of life.

Being an individual is vital to the world,for without individuals nothing could be accomplished. People that are content with being ther own man come up with ideas and trends of the future. Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity while paying in a storm, people of the time probably thought he was crazy, but his adventurous thrill for knowledge allowed him to discover electricity. Individuals are the future and woud most definately be included in my utopia.

Next in importance to diversity, emotions keep my imaginary utopia functional. Love, hate, lust, sadness, anger, and everything else the mind and heart ccan ponder are free to be felt in my world. Nobody has to monitor their feelings and thoughts, and everyone is free to as angry of happy as their hearts desire. Many mistakes can be made from some of these emotions but most of the mistakes are worth making. how can amyone enjoy living in a world like the one in Ayn Rand's Anthem? The law calls you evil if you have emotions for yourself!! Not ever in my world would someone be able to say that their emotions got them refered to as evil without just cause. Emotions are highly valued in my utopia.

Last but certainly not least is FREEDOM, the virtue of all of mankind. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of life itself are all offered in my world. People wont live like mummies going from day to day without any say in their lives. There is no fear of the law enforcement deciding your every move. Every indivdual is free and able to achieve their pursuit of happiness what ever that may be. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said, "Letb Freedom Ring" and i shall let freedom ring from nation to nation in my world. In this amazing world of mine people can express there true selves and have no shame in being thereselves. If you are punk rock you are allowed to have a mowhawk and funk colored attire, even if you change your style everyday, you are free too. Amazing advancements would be made with the free people of my utopia.
In the end, no world that is filled with control 365 is worth living in. Citizens need diversity, emotions, and freedom to truely live in utopia. People have to have hope for the future and diversity, emotions, and freedom give way to that hope. My utopia is perfect in all the chaos and trials and tribulations that come with living in a perfect world.

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