Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ayn Rand's Anthem is a novel of the hopes and dreams of tommorrow. The novel has many ways to approach the text from sci-fi to christian, but the true meaning is clear no matter how you approached the text. Hope is eternal, no matter how bad the times may get, hope will always find a way to survive.

Equality 7-2521(the main character) is different from everyone in the world around him and at first he fights his individuality and tries to be like everyone else. Everyone incuding teachers know that he is not fooling anybody. Individualism is not permitted in this Distopic/utopia, the law monitors everyone and everything that goes on. In reading Equality's journey you learn that being in a group all the time is not good. Having no voice in life is no way to live. Even if you are going to be called evil of damned for being unique then take all the names people through at you.

Another lesson be learned is, how far will you go for love. In the world Equality lived in nobody was alowed to love. Men over the age of 21 and women at and over the age of 18 go to the City Palace of Mating every spring and babies are born every winter. Women and Men never know their children and never get to wonder where there children are? The males of the time have never seen pregnant women ever!!! Love was a word that meant "the emotion you share for your fellow brothers, and no you can not love one person more than your brothers". Equality althrough out the novel took the law into his own hands, so when he saw Liberty he fell in love fast. Everyday he woud go to her job and watch her. They made eye contact and even gave each other new names. Their love was eternal and illegal. Time flew and they when they ran away together, they both agreed their love would get them through any trials that would come.

In the end, I recommend reading the novel and not taking the life we as people from the present are previledged enough to live for granted.

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