Thursday, March 12, 2009

If the ones you love are the ones that hurt you the most are the ones that hurt you the ones you love?

I was always told "The ones you love hurt you the most" and never understood why someone you loved could hurt you more than someone you dont love. Time went by and I got older and wiser, and one day I found the meaning of that phrase. My beloved father was no longer there and the man i loved most in the world hurt me more than anyone could imagine. Never had i felt a pain so real and so intense. The feeling felt as if I had nothing to look forward to as if the word literally came down on me. WHY? HOW? ??? I just could not understand how someone that knew so much about me and someone that promised to never hurt me could hurt me so badly? People told me time heals everything but I'm still waiting for the cure to come my way. Yes, i have forgiven him and I have made peace with the whole situation, but i still cant fathom why he left. Now that Im older and people come in go through my life I tend to hold on to a few. I hold onto the special people that make me smile. Now, Im watchful of the fairweather people and the down for life people. The ones I love, I try to make every effort I can to keep them around, but i cant do everything by myself love takes two to tango.
On this lesson, Im still learning and living life like a normal teen.

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