Thursday, March 12, 2009


Sarah Davidson's novel Cowboy is 300 pages of gritty love. Inspiring without being mushy, Cowboy is one of the most unique rides you will go on.
An older professional woman, an well educated woman who writes books and screenplays moves to the country acres of Arizona. Love comes in unlikely places is proven when she meets a younger man that make bridles. The two magnets meet and fall head over heels. How low will you stoop for love? How coud a educated success fall into a fling with an uneducated bridle maker?
Does your career determine your love interest? In this case yes, for a whie the stature of the two does affect their love. Both think the fling will end soon or at least wont last long, but cupid has another thing coming for the both of them. The fling last longer than the both of them could have expected.
This novel is a page turner, you will be glued to your seat and your eyes will becolme stuck to the pages. Never will you want to sat the book down.

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