Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Call of the Wild

The novel Call of the Wild is a timeless classic. Call of the Wild touches many topics but the most stricking is related to Charles Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest.
Charles Darwin, a world reknown scientist developed the theory of survival of the fittest, which stated the strongest or most suited organism survives in the environment while the weak shall perish away. Organism may adapt to new conditions although not all organisms do. In the novel Buck a huge race dog most become well duited to his new life of racing. Just like the theory states Buck survived because he adapted to the cold wilderness environment.
Although surviving in the wilderness may have saved buck's life the massive dog was no where near eady to live in every day society by the end of the novel. The wild wolf ancestors of Buck's had taken over and he was not adiquit for being around humans like in the beginning of the novel. Does surviving come with a cost? In order to survive in rough situations do you have to give up all of your home training? Buck did, and had to pay the price of losing the life he had become so acostume to.Buck went through many hard tests and tried to stay true to himself as much as could. But the great dog could only bear so much of the burden. Buch had to endure horrible weather, brutal beatings, and creul dogs. When conditions get just right the urge takes over and your body goes into survival auto pilot.
If Buck was loved so much by the family he had grown with, why did no one come looking for him. The novel mentioned nothing about lost posters,search teams, or even someone establishing that he was missing. If my beloved dog was missing I take a stand and go to the edge of the world and back to fing him. For a dog that has been in the family for so long they really did not seem to heart broken to see him go. Why was that I wonder?
In the end, surviving takes a toll on you, you must decide if getting through another day is worth throwing away a whole lifetime of work or even if the situation is worth trying to survive.

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