Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daddy Was The Black Dahlia Killer

Janice Knowlton's Daddy Was The Black Dahlia Killer is a thrilling spine chilling epic. One of the most enduringly fascinating crimes of American history.
The fact that the book is real and in such great detail, grabs the reader and holds on tight. The text tells if a monstrous murderer. On January 15, 1947, walker made a gruesome find in a lot of Los Angeles: the body of Elizabeth Short, a mediocre Hollywood actress was naked, cut into two, and babaricly mutilated. The demise of Short jump started a man hunt, people went crazy and the press even nick-named the murdered girl the Black Dahlia. How amazing the crime was for me when I realized the crime went on unsolved for almost half a century until here recently?
The chiling truth shall set you free. When the murders' daughter shared her repressed memories of her father's murders. By the age of ten Janice (the daughter) had many repressed memories of her father killing people in their california home. The Black Dahlia was not the first and cetainly not the last of her sightings.
How can someone let so much time go by without saying anything to anyone? Counselors took over four decades to put the traumaized girl together to get the memories to surface. No wonder she could not speak. The girl watched her father commit over nine sadistic murders including the murder of her very own infant son, a child of incest. Using a huge array of items, Janice exposed her father to the LA police.What's wrong with the father? The Dahlia Killer's crime spread from rape to murder for over thirty years.
Janice Knowlton took bravery and courage to tell the story of her evil father in this gut wrenching novel of America's most notorious serial murderer. If CSI and NYPD Blue dont quite cut the cheese for you i recommend reading this three hundred and sixty three page novel.

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