Friday, October 30, 2009

Touching Spirit Bear

This novel is a strong peice of evidence. Evidence of 2nd chances, for Cole Matthews a troubled teen bully/ victim, who seeking for something unknown. While on the desert island he discovers the true roots for his anger and aggression and breaks down his barriers. The novel uses many vivid details and greusom scenes to portray exactly how hard and vital the island is to life. While reading the novel i could feel all the emotions and see all the scenes. Cole is hard, but being hard was not his fault, life and the people in his life had forced him to put up walls to protect himself. The lesson I got out of the novel is that life is like the island and if you choice to let the bad hold you down you will get eaten alive by the spirit bears of your life, but if you choice to get yourself together and move and not dwell on the bad you will redeem yourself and go far. In the end, Cole learned his dances and worked on himself. Many things happened to get him there but he kept moving forward. Just like we as people have to do.

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