Thursday, October 1, 2009


Ellen Hopkins's novel Tricks, is an epic journey of the teenage love crisis. The novel consists of short poems that reveal the secret love lives of 5 teens. Each teens' journey is different and awakens different feelings.
In the beginning, i started out ill interested in the intros to the lives of 5 strangers and did not much care for their boring average lives, but as the poems progress i realized that, that is what makes the novel so grand. The idea of the novel," that love changes all aspects of ones life and even though the word "love" is spelled the same no two people go through the motions the same way'. All the people had average lives that they were content with until love took over their lives.
As the novel plays on, you also learn that everyone is looking for a different form of love whether the love be a relationship with a member of the opposite sex, parents and family, or yourself. Hopkins realistically portrayed modern teens and really addressed issues that are taboo and never mentioned unless Oprah and Tyra Banks are having a ratings craze.
The novel awakened me to the world of others and made me realize some many dynamics to others around me. I recommend this novel to the brave ones that dare open their eyes to real issues and situations.

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