Thursday, October 1, 2009

Indian Captive

In the courageous novel Indian Captive, the character Molly Jemison portrays bravery and true heart from beginning to end.
This novel takes place in past time Pennsylvania on the frontier, where Molly's family grows corn and doesn't think Seneca indians will attack them. Soon they find out they were wrong! Molly is separated from her family and has to survive alone with the indian people."a pioneer never quits" is my school moto and Molly fits the moto well. "Home is where you make it" is another moto Molly fits in this novel.
Through the years she never gave up on herself and even coped with her new home. More people should be Mollys, instead of dwelling on the bad of the situation look at the good things you have no matter how small they may be. Rough times are bound to come and you cant control them, but you can control the responses you have. Keep your head up and just keep moving forward. All of these points are shown and proved in the novel.
The chapters are short and the text is not challenging. The novel is an easy read that you can pick up when you just need time to yourself and want to reflect on things. I recommend the novel to all people, because everyone needs to learn these homely lessons.

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