Thursday, October 15, 2009


What does the word free really mean? Is the meaning, unattached, able to move, mobile, or flowing? I believe free is when you have your mind made up and nothing is holding you back, you are able to move without restraints or caution. You can go as you please and do what you need to do without a second thought. I guess free without. Nothing there, alone, bare! It almost sounds painful and not worth the fights that so many have fought. But the state of being free is great, refreshing and pure. To be able to make your own choices and decisions is an amazing thing that so many take for granted, and I'm lost as to why? Soldiers are fighting for our freedom, not just mine but yours to and people walk like they have forgotten that. 9 years ago this country was attacked and lives where taking, even if you did not die your life was taken from your an your freedom was threatened. I dont know about you but that last sentence of mine sparks emotion. My point is that being free is important no matter how dull and bare the word sounds. So never let anything or being make you think different, because there are a lot of lifeless people that would love to get the chance to show you wrong.

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Mrs. Gillmore said...

May we never forget...and thank you for reminding us!