Monday, November 23, 2009


Luarie Halse Anderson's novel Speak is a tragic story of a silent rape victim and her road to redemption. The novel is an eye opener!!

In the begining of the story Melinda, the main character, is outcasted and all alone, with no one to understand her; the burden is upon herself to find her way back to normal life. When you see someone struggling to move past a horrific event would you help them? That was the question i had to ask myself. When reading Speak you take a look at your surroundings and notice that there are several Melindas that you never thought to help. The acknowledgement kind of makes you sad.

As Melinda found her way, i wanted to be more proactive and help others. Melinda struggled and no one could help her, she had to build strenght and courage for herself. Just as we as a people have to build courage for ourselves, because no one else will do the job for us. Melinda's journey proves that.

I recommend the novel! Melinda's journey ahs so many aspects and perspectives to observe and debate. The journey builds strength and raises actions inside you that you never noticed.

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