Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Olympic-size commitment...to what would you commit?

The members of the Olympic team make many commitments. They commit to practice, conditoning, training, and even time, in order to be the best. People make great commitments for the sublects they love. I love dance and spotlight!! I committed to making my goal of fame come true. I long to be a star.

Practice. Long hours infront of the mirror, listening to music, and learning new moves and techniques. I want a television show of my own one day, so I sit in the mirror for hours practicing my facial expressions and my speech. Each day I learn something new about myself and the way I react to things i hear. The music helps me with my singing and dancing. I wish to be well rounded. New dances come out each day and keeping is a must.

I give up time with friends and sometimes a great weekend with family. There are occassions were a friend or two come with me to practice. Mostly my friends serve me with motivation. They push me to keep going and moiving forward. There are times that I want to give up and go be a normal teen, but I believe that the hard work put in today will benefit me tommorrow.

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