Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bannin Ipods 2b

Who: Students and Ipods
What: Ipods are getting banned from school campuses because students are using them to cheat. Students are putting answers, formulas, and other methods of cheating in class in the lyrics and codes of their Ipods.
When: During class and tests.
Where: In classrooms all over the United States.
Why it matters: The education process is being compromised and people are cheating. Cheating is being made easier and teachers are being fooled. Simple music players are becoming escape devices for students that are not reaching their full potential. First the baseball caps were banned because people were writing answers on the brim of the hats, then cell phones were taken out because teachers learned that text messages allowed answers to circulate with ease, and now Ipods are being taken away from students. Not all students use them to cheat. Some students use them to wind down after games, tests, or other events.

I think that people should stop cheating! Not everyone uses their Ipods to cheat and now everyone is being victimized. I understand why the ban is in affect, because cheating is not acceptable and does create bums for the future. I agree with the ban!,2933,268903,00.html

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