Friday, March 5, 2010


The Begining is taking a while to get into.... The radio is playing and an orange car is driving up a long country side road.... The orange car and the truck are going back and forth on the road while the radio is still playing. At the gas station the tanker driver is basically a ghost and the service station pumps the gas and checks under the hood for you. Needs to get his repaired. The service man is not the safest when it comes to gas. Orange car driver makes a phone call and the operator picks up to connect the call. He apoligizes to his wife, for not speaking to his friend about hitting on his wife. He has to make it home on time for dinner with his mother. A lady is loading laundry. The movie is very loud... The tanker is speeding with the orange car on a curvy road. The tanker is driving slow and letting off a lot of exhaust. The tanker= old rust, the man in the orange car= David. David almost hit an on coming vehicle while playing cat and mouse with old rust. David is going crazy and drove off the road. After passing the truck he jumps for joy. Old rust is speeding to catch up to David. Now David and old rust are both speeding. Old rust has almost caught up. David still has the lead. Old rust is on David's tail. Scary music has just come on. David is Frantic and pulls into a diner. An older man comes to assist David. David has whiplash. He gets out of his car stumbling around. He goes to the bathroom to cool down. David enters a series of thoughts to himself. The people inside the diner laugh at him for wrecking, he looks out the window and old rust is outside waiting. David sits in the diner worried. Looking around for the driver of Old Rust. He orders his food and aspirin. David starts thinking to himself again. One by one the men at the bar turn and glare at David. The man David assumed was the driver hopes into another truck. The only man with snake skin boots on left in the bar is assumed to be the driver now. David gets up and tells the man to cut it out accussing the man of being Old Rust's driver. David slaps the man's sandwich out of his hands. Fist fight breaks out. The diner owner breaks it up. The man in the fight gets into the wrong truck. Everyone in the bar stares David down. Old Rust drives away before David can she the driver. He chases after the grimy tanker. David gets in his car and drives away.` David tries to give a school bus filled with kids a push and gets the front end of his car stuck under the bus. Bus driver curses infront of the kids. Old Rust shows up at the end of a tunnel not far from David's stuck car. Old Rust is just waiting in the tunnel with his lights on. David tries to get the kids to get on the bus before old rust gets there. Old Rust gives the bus a push. David speeds off before Old Rust is done. Old Rust quietly sneaks up on David and tries to push him into a moving train. David pulls out and off the side of the road safely and lets the tanker pass. He gets back on the road... Old Rust is waiting on David. David gets on the telephone to call the police while a lady is pumping gas and checking his car. Old Rust is rumaging through the SNAKESTAND, then starts to chase David up the road. David stops and thinks to himself. David gets on the road and runs into the tanker again. He pulls over and ask an older couple to call the police amd the tanker scares them off. He gets in his car bolts in front of the tanker. The two are racing. David's car starts overheating, and the car is rapidly slowing down. The tanker is catching up. David panics. He needs oil. The car is still slowing down. David makes it to the summit and is coasting down the mountain. The car gains speed and the tempature falls while the car is in neutral.

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