Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My fav techie tool

im not really big on techie tools. i never had to use them until my 10th grade year, the class was pre-ap english 10 and there was so much to do in the class that work piled up. i had to find a way to get all the papers and such done. My teacher told the class we had to make gmail accounts and i had no idea what she was talking about. so after a few classes i got an account, then i learned that gmail is really cool and dependable. i can get my work done online and e-mail the assignment to my teacher. Check turned in on time..... saves me work to repeat if lost and saves lots of money on paper. Gmail is okay in my book thats why i choose gmail as my favorite techie tool. gmail has allowed me to access so much imformation on the web and at school. the work i do at school and do not complete, gmail allows me to finish at home. I had no idea gmail even was availible til this year and now i get on the gmail every week. Gmail allows me to: have web pages, have blogs, send messages, hold messages, and even save files. gmail is my most used techie tool because the gmail server is user friendly. i suggest that if you are having problems and searching for a way out like i was get a gmail account.

That's just school uses you can also chat on up with your friends and family too. Not like facebook and myspace but any connection with the world is better than none.

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