Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the giver

Lois lowry's The Giver is novel of many lesson the most important being : Never Take Memory for granted! the main character Jonas is a overacheiver/ normal boy. He live in a land were Sameness is the name of the game. Climate is controlled, genes are controlled, peoople are controlled, including the choices that are allowed to be made are all controlled by councilmen.

Memory is forgotten and no one knows of life from the past. The Giver is the holder of memory and wisdom, he is responsible for the fate of the community, and he helps Jonas learn that life can be so much more meaningful than he knows. Can you imagine holding so much knowledge and not being able to share the gift with anyone not even your closet friends and family? Holding pain in and not being able to medicate yourself? Jonas did everyday. He felt the community's pain because the people were to selfish to deal with the truth of life.

After many memories were transfered to Jonas the Giver helps Jonas to escape and free the memories to the world. People would be forced to deal with the truth and deal with choices thay gave up long ago. Hopefully the people would the powerful lesson: NEVER TAKE MEMORY FOR GRANTED!!! A long journey lays ahead for dear Jonas but the gift he has given the community will forever be remembered.

With only a bicycle and his little buddy, Jonas must treck to new lands. The ending of the novel is not clear, but if you choose to believe, Jonas has made his way to better times and new memmories of his own.

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