Thursday, February 11, 2010

Streets Lights =Love

Let me know do i have time to grow, never set in stone, blurred by doubt, ignited by hope, held onto by youth, and destroyed by age. By the faith, we are taught to look for the street lights in everyone. People wonder their whole lives searching for the street lights, meager morsels of emotion, that give false positives in most cases.
To long, to lust, to hope, to live are what they are asking for when they look for the street lights. Taking a chance at failure, people find them and cling to them for their emotion's sake. The battered and beaten hearts beat, pumping street lights, commonly known as love, to the brain.

Doesn't everybody enjoy falling in love? Love equals street lights... Street lights keep going and going down the streets and roads lighting the path for people of all varieties to follow. Street light much like love fool people, if you pay too much attention to the hype of the lights, you lose your direction. TV cameras zoom in on love to bring people and attraction closer. But they leave out the confusion and the struggle that comes in the packaged deal.
Street lights! Let me know do i still have time to grow? Things are not always set in stone. That be known, let yourself pay your fare and know your distination. Don't just be lost in the streets, with moments passing in front of you.

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